Rich, Dark Truffles (No added sugar)

November 21, 2017

Rich, dark truffles (no added sugar)

Recipe courtesy of Kerin Gould from Produce With A Purpose

Why this is healthy: No added sugar or fat, lots of fiber
Why this is easy: if you could make a mud pie as a kid, you can do this
Why this tastes great: Dark chocolate flavor with a little crunch. Attractive enough for a holiday or a gift box.

Ingredients for the truffle base:
1 1/2 cups of dates
3 tbsp cacao (unsweetened, of course)
3 tbsp of grated coconut.

Chop the dates and moisten a little if they seem dry. Use a food processor or immersion/stick blender to grind the three ingredients into a paste, going little by little, so you don’t overheat your blender. The mixture should be about thick cookie-dough consistency, firm enough to hold the round shape. Form little spheres. Roll in coating until well covered. Serve in festive paper candy cups.

Coating options:
grated orange zest
chopped roasted almonds
chopped hazelnuts
chopped walnuts or pecans
cinnamon and chili
sesame seeds
more coconut
smashed candy canes if you don't have a problem with sugar
whatever you like!

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