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Our bodies show symptoms to tell us something is wrong. Usually symptoms of inflammation are from a poor diet, overexposure to environmental and man-made chemicals, chronic disease, leaky gut, and so much more. With six out of 10  adults having at least one chronic health condition in the United States we can no longer wait for a pill to be our only solution. We need to take back our health and change our future with Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is root cause, evidence-based medicine that looks at the person as an individual, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach commonly found in conventional medicine. At True Health Center for Precision Medicine we focus on looking at the individual person and finding the source of their health issues. We're dedicated to diving deep and getting answers other medical offices haven't been able to give you.  

Our mission is to heal you from the inside out to ensure the foundation of your health is at its best. Founding physician, Kristine Burke, MD has molded True Health Center for Precision Medicine into a team-styled medical practice where our patients are supported through each step of their wellness journey by our entire staff. We specialize in reversing chronic disease, gut health, Type 2 Diabetes reversal, gut-brain connection, chronic pain, weight loss, mystery illnesses and general overall health for our patients. 

Our most unique feature is our team-style approach. Dr. Burke designed this style to help our patients from multiple angles that has proven to have effective and lasting results. You'll have a practitioner, Health Coach and Dietitian dedicated to supporting you as you progress in your personal health goals through your wellness journey. 

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