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Programs and Membership


TruNeura Memory Protection Program (MPP) including the Bredesen Protocol

The below video is a LIVE recording of our quarterly seminar we have to promote and explain what the Memory Protection Program consists of and how it's applied in greater detail. It is one hour and sixteen minutes long with a slide show style display and over-layed audio from the live seminar for optimal viewing of the information provided during the seminar. This video provides an extensive amount of information about the program and we encourage you to watch it. If you have any questions after viewing the video


In patients meaningfully participating in our TruNeura Memory Protection Program with an initial MOCA cognitive score between 14-26, we saw a remarkable average improvement of 4.4 points between ReCode visit 1 and ReCode visit 2, approximately 1 year later.

We also saw 73% improve on the AQ-21 family assessment of symptoms,  63% improved on global Neurocognitive Index scoring, and 72% showed stability or improvement in Executive Functioning (planning, organization – CNS Vital Signs testing platform).

Footnote:  When we include patients who resisted important recommendations, we still saw a 2.5 point overall increase in MOCA scores.

What is The Bredesen Protocol?

The Protocol provides a comprehensive, personalized program designed to improve cognition decline of Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and early Alzheimer’s disease. Continued research and testing by Dr. Bredesen began by evolving his UCLA MEND research into The ReCODE™ Protocol. This has identified new and previously unrecognized causes of Alzheimer’s disease, such as nutrition and lifestyle components.

What is needed...

  • A coordinated, global effort to reduce dementia everywhere.
  • An extensive network of practitioners who are exports in 21st-century medicine – seeking the root-cause of the disease.
  • Education so that people know to seek help when the earliest symptoms appear rather than waiting until late in the course of cognitive decline.
  • Ready access to appropriate laboratory testing and personalized, optimally effective programs.

What to Expect from the Program

  • 4-hour initial intake process including an extensive patient history utilizing the Functional Medicine timeline and matrix, clinician observations, and discussion of concerns expressed by the patient, family or caregiver.
  • Validated assessment tools include: Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) and CNS-Vital Signs.
    - Both are equal to or superior to the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) for detecting dementia and more subtle changes in intellectual function.
  • Other validated family/caregiver assessments of patients: the AD21 and the Short IQCODE to assess a patient’s memory recall.
  • In-depth lab evaluation and monitoring.
  • Exclusive use of Dr. Bredesen’s ReCode report to identify the root cause of your cognitive symptoms.
  • Our full Functional Medicine and Bredesen Protocol trained medical team behind you to support and guide you to success.
  • The Bredesen Protocol is a personalized program based on the patient’s physiological and nutritional needs. Using this information, we can help to reconnect old neurons by growing and forming new connections, a process called synaptogenesis, thereby improving or reversing cognitive decline.

**Existing True Health CFM members, please ask our office about your special pricing for the program.

Our 12-month program includes full Functional Medicine services with our team to pinpoint the root-causes. We have a contracted and non-contracted insurance pricing available.

The average cost of memory care in Assisted Living is $8,000 - $10,000 per month!  An entire year of our Memory Protection Program costs less than that. Imagine how much your family could save for every month we can prevent or delay the need for memory assisted living.

Don’t settle for the “aging” excuse. Your early memory changes, dementia, or Alzheimer’s can be improved and we can help do it.


For additional information on the Bredesen Protocol and Dr. Dale Bredesen visit his website at https://www.drbredesen.com/protocoloverview

Dr. Bredesen's website provides substantial information, case studies and support of his protocol using diet and lifestyle to reverse cognitive decline.

All four of our medical providers are certified in the Bredesen Protocol. This can be verified under the IFM.ORG practitioner profiles.

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