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True 3D Imaging

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Similar Imaging Quality Compared to MRI
Better at Seeing Around Breast Implants

FDA Cleared Breast Imaging Technology
FDA Cleared for Imaging Dense Breasts


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The Future of Breast Imaging - What Is QT Imaging?

The QTscan® is the first non-invasive breast imaging technology that provides a true 3D image of the breast’s microanatomy down to a few hundreds cells without compression or harmful radiation. FDA cleared, and more accurate than mammography and hand-held ultrasound at identifying certain breast structures, the QTscan algorithm has the ability to systematically strip away normal tissues to expose an underlying mass deep within the dense breast tissue.

Because the QTscan has such advanced, high-quality imaging it can benefit women with dense breasts, those who need additional, follow-up imaging after a mammogram, or want the assurance and peace of mind due to a family history of breast cancer or genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

Most traditional breast imaging technologies take pictures of your breasts in 2-dimensional views, or use those 2D views to reconstruct an approximation of 3D images. A QTscan captures the third dimension in a real sense. It does so by using both reflection and transmission modalities. These direct speed-of-sound measurements have the potential to discriminate between different types of tissue.

Whether you have dense breasts, breast implants or simply want the assurance of follow-up imaging, a safe, compression-free QTscan™ is now available in El Dorado Hills, CA.

You do not need a referral or to become a member of our clinic to book your appointment. We offer this service a la carte to benefit our community and improve women’s breast health.

Check out the research and publications on the QTScan technology!


What Women Are Saying

The Dense Breast Challenge

Conventional breast imaging modalities, such as mammography, face tremendous challenges when imaging dense breast tissue, which puts women with dense breasts – nearly half the female population – at an immediate disadvantage. This is because cancer can appear similar to regular breast tissue and if there is a lot of breast tissue (such as in the case of dense breasts), the cancer can ‘hide’. Our QT technology has the ability to image through dense breasts, and our ongoing clinical trials aim to confirm how the QTscan can effectively detect suspicious regions. Our case studies show high contrast breast images with no injections and no radiation.

What Our Patients Say
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