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Our deep experience in Functional and Integrative medicine has led us to develop an extremely comprehensive offering of advanced clinical services. These advanced services allow us to provide extremely individualized attention, meaning that we approach care based on your specific health challenges, not a ‘one-size-fits-all' style while avoiding unnecessary mediations and medical procedures that only temporarily patch the issue. Below are the advanced services offered at True Health Center for Precision Medicine.

Advanced Thyroid

Thyroid physiology is quite complex and its optimal function is dependent on multiple organ systems working correctly. Replacing specific nutrients using advanced blood testing in addition to using the best suited thyroid hormone replacement therapy (many times being compounded natural thyroid hormone replacement), we evaluate all aspects of optimizing thyroid function in order to maximize improvement of a patient’s symptoms and condition.

Adrenal Rebuilding

Most people have experienced the close relationship between psychological stress and physical health whether it presents as digestive complaints, sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, depression or many other symptoms. The adrenal gland works to modulate the impact of these stressors on your body but over time, especially when life stressors add up, it can become less efficient. Through the use of an individualized lifestyle and nutrient therapy plan, we hope to correct and optimize the function of your adrenal gland.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

Researchers have become more aware of evidence showing the impact of hormone imbalances on chronic health issues for women and men. Your body’s hormones should be at different set points throughout your life, and disruption due to hormone deficiencies and excesses can cause pervasive, chronic symptoms and disorders, and raise risks for disease. Through hormone testing and individualized BHRT, we see our patients regaining the highest quality of life that should be expected as you age gracefully.

Cardiology Prevention

Many of our patients arrive at the office already diagnosed with heart disease or a specific disease (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol) that places them at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Through a systems-based functional medicine approach to inflammation (the core physiologic imbalance), we utilize advanced blood testing, integrative diagnostics, genetic risk factor analysis, pharmaceutical and nutrient therapies, and lifestyle modifications to dramatically decrease his/her risk for heart attacks and strokes in the future. Strong emphasis is placed on therapeutic lifestyle change as the ongoing preventive "treatment" strategy.

Diabetes and Sugar Dysregulation

Our team will work with pre-diabetic and type 2 patients to minimize their dependence on prescription drugs and often reverse the disease process completely.

Food Allergy Testing  

An estimated one in three people has an allergy. Some of these are to airborne substances such as pollen, dust mites, or cat dander; others are to chemicals in food, household products, or the environment. However, the most common category of allergy-provoking substances is the food you eat. Many of us know we have "issues" with certain foods, but as mentioned above, it likely is a sign of GI dysfunction with common, clinically significant whole-body effects. Through our Food Allergy Testing, we help patients eliminate specific food allergens to resolve many conditions for which there is no long-term pharmaceutical solution. By eliminating these foods, it is common for our patients to experience complete resolution of their symptoms.

GI Rehabilitation

The health of the digestive system is paramount for two main reasons. First, it is the system that gives your body what it needs to fuel and repair itself. Second, the digestive system serves an extremely important role, one that is less known or discussed today. It is one of your body’s prime defenses from germs in your environment. Through Food Allergy Testing, advanced integrative diagnostic testing, and restoring optimal gastrointestinal function, we consistently see the whole-body impact through improvements in IBS, GERD, allergies, asthma, mental health, eczema, hormone irregularities, pediatric ear/nose/throat issues, and sleep quality, to name just a few.

Healthy Aging  

As the years pass, our bodies are designed to be in various stages, but there is optimal health to be attained within each of them. It is during this time that our bodies are also more vulnerable to the effects of poor lifestyle and more easily tipped out of balance. Through advanced diagnostic testing, targeted nutrient therapy, and hormone balancing, we are able to overcome common obstacles and provide leading-edge preventive strategies to help you be stronger and healthier as you age.

Integrative Diagnostics  

Conventional medicine utilizes laboratory testing, radiology, and many other modalities to search for the cause of or track a patient’s symptoms. Unfortunately, at times this search does not yield enough information to guide a physician to the next step. Integrative diagnostic testing is an extended set of laboratory tests, ranging from salivary hormone testing to comprehensive digestive stool analyses, to improve objective confirmation of a physician’s integrative assessment of a patient’s issues. Many patients with refractory symptoms or conditions benefit from the useful information found in these test results.

Medical Detoxification  

Detoxification and biotransformation is a process that functions as your body’s waste management system. Classic symptoms of impaired detoxification tend to develop in three areas of the body that are sensitive to the effects of excess ‘garbage’ including the brain, the endocrine system, and visceral adipose tissue. Through individualized dietary modifications and nutrient therapy, the body can improve its ability to better eliminate these potentially harmful toxins. This process is an effective method for improving symptoms related to pain syndromes, mental and emotional health, chronic headaches, sleep disturbances and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Natural Mood Regulation / Sleep Optimization

Current research increasingly prioritizes mental health and restorative sleep as a primary strategy for the treatment of many chronic diseases. As for most, taking pharmaceutical medications is not always the primary preferred path. Understanding the scientific relationship between mental health and physical health, we utilize integrative diagnostic testing, nutrient therapy, and behavior modification techniques to help your body restore these necessary functions of your brain and promote total well-being.

Natural Weight Solutions

Most fad and popular medically-supervised diets create false results by using methods that metabolically force the body to lose lean muscle mass and water. Unfortunately, your body needs muscle and water to live long and energetically. Our programs are individualized after thorough clinical assessments of nutrition, exercise, chemical burden, thyroid, and hormone balance in order to emphasize losing pounds of fat, not muscle or water. This promotes a long-term weight solution – the real goal of weight loss.

Nutrient Intravenous Therapy  

Nutrient IV therapy has been around and proven effective for decades. There are many different types of nutrient IV therapy. We use the most well-known, the Myer's Cocktail, as another method of replacing necessary vitamins and minerals that are required for the body to function best. Because the nutrient is placed directly into the bloodstream through a small IV needle, nutrient IV therapy is said to be 100% bio-available. The Myer's Cocktail is useful for various symptoms related to many gastrointestinal and immune dysfunctions such as IBS, allergies, infections, and autoimmune diseases, to name a few. Other IV nutrient therapies that may be recommended on a case-by-case basis include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and glutathione, to name a few.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) for Chronic Disease

Statistics show that we are a nation suffering and dying from "diseases of excess. "Diseases such as diabetes/pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke are caused by poor lifestyle choices. Our lifestyle program is multi-layered as we help you identify and change the aspects of your lifestyle (diet, exercise, work, stress, alcohol, etc.) that are triggering your disease/symptoms. TLC is a great example of how the body will repair and heal itself when given the right circumstances – moving you to a state of improved health and away from a disease-generating lifestyle. We understand that you likely have specific limits in your life and we work to help you find solutions that take those limits into consideration so that you have the best chance for health success.

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