What To Do When You Got The Flu?

Kristine Burke, MD
December 29, 2017

Cold and flu season is upon us! Here are some available options to treating your illness that we carry in our office to be picked up:

The following are usually best if started within three days of the onset symptoms (sore throat, nasal congestion, sinus/ear pressure or pain, cough):

- High dose Vitamin D3 : 50,000 IU Take 2 caps daily for 3 days only. Stop your usual vitamin D3 dose, then resume once finished with high dose treatment. (This helps to boost your immune system).

- Viracid : We have two options for usage. Either take 2 caps 3 times daily for 2 days OR take 2 caps per hour until pack is gone. (This helps your body fight viruses that can cause colds and flu). *MUS

T be started within the first 48-72 hours of onset of symptoms* Take in conjunction with Vitamin D3 high dose.

-If accompanied by body aches or fever, add on Essential Defense 1 cap three times daily for 2 days as well. (This helps calm the cytokine response (aches, chills, fever).


V-Clear EPs Syrup

: (This is a homeopathic formula to help shorten the duration and reduce the severity of upper respiratory infections) Best used if beginning symptom is a cough.

The following can be used at any time during the illness:

- Transfer Factors  are a capsule that helps to boost your immune system, and that can also be used during any phase of the illness.

USE: We recommend taking 2 caps 3 times daily.

- Immunotix  is another immune boosting product, best used if the illness has gone on more than 3-4 days, or can be used in place of Viracid.

USE: Take 500 mg daily during illness. Can also be used as preventative during cold and flu season at 250 mg per day as an immune support.

Other products we carry and recommend for symptom relief:

-Biocidin throat spray 1-2 sprays in the back of the throat as needed for sore throat relief or prevention of upper respiratory illness. Biocidin liquid drops can be gargled for sore throat, mixed in to nasal irrigation or rinses, or nebulized for cough/respiratory infections.

*DISCLAIMER: If you have an autoimmune disease or are on immunosuppressive medication, please consult your healthcare provider before using. The dosing provided are for adults, please contact your healthcare provider for pediatric dosing recommendations.

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