The Right Conditions: Finding Inspiration and Positivity in a Mid-Life Crisis

Stephanie Haywood
December 16, 2022

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The Right Conditions: Finding Inspiration and Positivity in a Mid-Life Crisis

Naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” In our middle ages, it can be easy to settle into a mundane routine, but if you’re finding this routine is also sapping your enthusiasm for life, it may be time to shake things up. There are no rules when it comes to mid-life - here are tips from True Health Center for Functional Medicine for sparking fresh inspiration and reintroducing positivity.


In a world obsessed with the abstract, it’s easy to forget that we are physical beings with physical requirements. Identifying any deficiencies in your life and addressing these is the key first step to improving your lifestyle. Often, a bad mood or a lack of motivation can be attributed to something as simple as sleep deprivation. It’s important to put time aside to look after your body - make sure that you’re exercising to release endorphins, cooking fresh food to ensure a balanced diet (there are plenty of recipes online to help with this), and creating the conditions for a full, restful sleep.

You may have deeper medical issues, however. If that’s the case, or you suspect it might be, work with the team at True Health Center for Functional Medicine to create a personalized plan for your health. Their decades of experience can be invaluable in helping you get the care you need.


Equally as important as your physical condition is your mental stability. There’s no shortage of depressing stimuli being fed into our lives via screens or word of mouth, so if you’re experiencing feelings of hopelessness, it’s important to cut the lines of communication and allow yourself space to think clearly. This could mean switching off devices, taking time away from negative influences, or (in the event that negative influences can’t be cut out entirely) renegotiating the terms of your relationship. Taking decisive action will, in itself, help you to feel better and may lead to adjustments that change your entire outlook.


We rarely consider our local environment as an influencing factor on mood and inspiration, but studies show that environments affect cognitive function, with excess clutter shown to increase anxiety levels whilst reducing our ability to sleep and focus. If you want to think rationally and spark inspiration, you can start by adapting your local environment - this could mean decluttering, deep cleaning, purchasing house plants, and introducing new aromas.


In the USA, we spend over 38.7 hours of our week working, which equates to roughly 34% of our waking hours. It’s important, then, that we build for ourselves careers that we are suited for, and that bring us enjoyment. If you are currently dissatisfied with your line of work, take the time to transition - there are plenty of online tools to help with this, such as online resume templates that allow you to choose from a library of professional designs and add copy, photos, colors, and images.

Another option can be returning to school. If you think you’d find value in teaching, for example, pursuing a teaching career with a bachelor of education degree can be just what you need. Giving back through teaching is a rewarding way to earn a living, and online degree programs make it easy to earn a degree with flexible scheduling.

Alternatively, you may have the expertise and determination to found a business of your own. This will give you more autonomy, flexible working conditions, and huge earning potential in exchange for harder work and less support. If you’re considering the option, make sure you develop an airtight business plan first - this should describe your company, detail how you intend to sell your services, outline a company structure, and include any financial requirements/projections.

We often self-deprecate when it comes to mid-life crises, but this is an important juncture in your life and one that deserves your time and consideration. By addressing the simple things, such as health, mentality, space, and employment, you can create the circumstances that bring out your best self.

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