Paleo "Brat" Diet

Kristine Burke, MD
May 15, 2017

No one wants to spend a week at home with a stomach bug.

What can you do to help heal?
You may have heard of the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) as a treatment for diarrhea and nausea. It’s a common go-to for the stomach flu, but it’s also used for other causes of gastrointestinal distress like food poisoning, infection, or morning sickness.
The BRAT diet was developed based on the premise that the best foods for an upset stomach are low in fat and insoluble fiber, are bland, contain pectin, and replace some electrolytes. There are plenty of paleo-friendly foods that fit the bill too, and can offer additional nutrition and therapeutic properties not provided by the original BRAT diet!

Introducing the Paleo “BRAT” Diet: The SCABB Diet!

Stews and soups: Vegetables and meats that have been slowly cooked will be easy to digest, once your body is ready for solid foods.

Coconut water: Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, making it extremely hydrating and beneficial during fluid loss from illness.

Applesauce: Applesauce contains pectin, which acts as a probiotic in the gut – enhancing levels of bifidobacterial, which in turn improves intestinal permeability and reduces fluid loss.

Bone Broth: Broth is one of the few super-easy-to-digest foods supplying protein, and its specific array of amino acids happen to be perfect for healing the gut.

Bananas: Along with being high in potassium, bananas contain resistant starch, which helps your gut bacteria generate short-chain fatty acids that stimulate fluid, sodium, and potassium absorption.


First things first: Hydrate!
Start with one small sip of clear liquid, and if that stays down, try another small sip. When you feel like you’re tolerating liquids comfortably, you can slowly introduce SCABB foods (stopping immediately if vomiting resumes). Don’t push yourself to expand your menu before your stomach is ready for it, but keep in mind that a broad and diverse micronutrient intake will give your body what it needs to heal swiftly.

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