Our New Neighbor!

Kristine Burke, MD
November 13, 2017

We have a new resident in our Lifestyle Annex. Tamera Barnes, CBT, CCHT is utilizing our center for her clinical business. True Health members are gifted with a free initial consultation. Tamera Barnes brings to the center 9 years of clinical experience in Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. With a background in Ayurveda and additional education in Holistic Health Practice, she has a very deep toolbox to assist those struggling with a variety of issues.

Tamera Barnes, CBT, CCHT

“I know what it feels like to be stressed, depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Personally, I wasn’t interested in going to the doctor and being given another pill. I sought out alternative remedies for dealing with life’s challenges, changes and traumas and was blessed with a career I love as a happy side effect. It feeds my soul to help empower people with tools and techniques that really work, to aid them to find their own answers to the root causes that are interfering with their health and happiness, and facilitate a process that reboots their own inner healing processes. It is possible to rebuild health from the inside out and rediscover purpose and passion for life.”, says Tamera.

Offering both individual sessions and group sessions in our Lifestyle Annex, as well as online services, Tamera has a track record of helping people recover from stress, depression, grief, anxiety, traumas, betrayals, insomnia, pain, chronic illnesses, addictions, and so much more. “I specialize in the individual,” says Tamera, “there is no one-size-fits-all solution”. Each program is tailored carefully and compassionately to the needs of the person. Outcomes are accomplished with short sessions, simple but powerful behavioral tools, and a safe, supportive environment that maximizes long term success as well as personal empowerment and emotional independence.

It costs nothing at all to come sit down with Tamera and find out how she can help you achieve your desired outcome. To make an appointment call, text or email or go directly to her website and click Schedule Now. Website

Testimonials –

“I was looking for alternative treatment for my fibromyalgia. After just a few sessions with Tamera, I felt so much better! I could walk, sit and relax without feeling constant pain throughout my body. Also, since I’m not in constant pain, I am able to handle stressful situations better. Today I can sit on the floor and play with my grandson, completely pain free.” Lorraine S., Somerset CA

“I highly recommend Tamera Barnes to anyone with a desire for change. In only a few sessions, I have let go of a long term wine drinking habit, gained relief from chronic back pain resulting from an injury, and learned tools for healing and transforming my life. Her program is simple fast, and effective. Instead of feeling stuck, I am excited about moving forward!” B. Lynn –Placerville CA

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