Holistic Self-Care on a Budget: Practical Tips and Suggestions

Dana Brown
January 3, 2023

Functional medicine treats the root cause of your medical problem(s), whether that’s your lifestyle, genetics, environment, a combination of factors, or something else altogether. Bolstering your health is how you can speed up your recovery time, avoid making existing problems worse, and ensure you don’t develop new ones.  

One of the best ways to be healthy is through holistic self-care – pursuing a wellness plan that addresses the entirety of your needs, from physical to financial and everything in between. You don’t necessarily need to spend a massive amount of money to follow such a plan, either. The Health Center for Functional Medicine offers some advice here on how to look after yourself on a budget:

Cut back and save on your existing self-care activities

You likely have a self-care routine going on already filled with healthful activities like eating healthy, playing a sport, or perhaps attending therapy. You could harness your creativity to come up with various ways to save while continuing this usual routine. For instance, planning your meals for the week, not going to the grocery store when you’re hungry, replacing junk with healthier alternatives, eating in-season foods, buying in bulk, and learning cheap recipes can lead to massive savings without a reduction in nutrition value.  

You could work out by yourself by following an online tutorial video or picking up a free fitness app without having to go to an expensive gym, join a class, or hire a fitness coach. While nothing can replace professional therapy, spending time with friends and family – the people who care about you – is free therapy.  

Consider free or cheap self-care activities

There are several self-care activities out there that cost next to nothing or are completely free. You could create a well-balanced self-care routine by including these activities in your everyday schedule:  

  • Go out in nature: Nature is incredibly healing. It soaks up stress, makes you happy, reduces blood pressure, and has a host of other benefits. You can hug a tree, walk barefoot in the grass, or meditate outside for added benefits.
  • Do nothing: Doing nothing is good for your mental health. That’s no joke – Psychology today can confirm it. If you have a super busy lifestyle, simply sitting back and putting your feet up can help you release anxiety, help your muscles relax, and sharpen your focus.  
  • Breathe better: Most people pick up bad breathing habits as they grow older. Learning how to breathe properly can reduce your anxiety, give you more energy, and help you to sleep better. You can practice a breathing exercise whenever you’re feeling down or anxious for a quick boost.  
  • Have a staycation: Staycations are low-budget vacations. Instead of traveling to an exotic destination, you visit a local town or attraction. It’s a lot more fun than you might think. Some people even have fun-filled staycations in their backyards.  

Get gardening for all-around wellness and savings

Gardening is one of the best self-care activities you can have. Not only is it excellent exercise, but it’s also a natural stress-buster. Furthermore, people who garden are known to live longer and generally be happier and healthier. You could grow your own vegetables to save on grocery money and maximize the benefits of gardening. For help with getting started with gardening, you should consult an online resource like Home Garden Hero for expert gardening advice and in-depth product reviews.  

Reduce financial burdens and stresses

Your financial health is tied to your overall well-being. When money is tight, stress levels tend to be high, and it’s hard to focus on other matters – like your health. Doing everything you can to reduce your financial stress is a good idea. Some suggestions are budgeting, living within (or below) your means, shopping smart, avoiding credit card use, making an emergency fund, and finding cheaper alternatives.  

Downsizing is one of the most effective ways to reduce financial stress. If you’re paying a high mortgage, you can downsize to something smaller and save money. Furthermore, living in a smaller home can help you dispense with clutter, reduce stress, and free up your time and energy to focus on the things that matter (like self-care). You can view online listings to quickly find a suitable home in your price range with your desired number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and amenities.  

Upgrade to functional medicine

Regardless of how well you look after yourself, you won’t always be able to avoid health problems. Switching from conventional medicine to functional medicine can be beneficial, though – it nips the problem in the bud and is more likely to lead to long-lasting wellness. You can learn about functional medicine and its benefits here.  


Good health is more than just physical fitness and eating right – it’s a combination of various aspects like your mental state, emotional state, and financial well-being. Make sure any self-care plan you come up with is well-rounded and gives you a holistic tune-up.  

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