Eat The Rainbow - Yellow

Danielle Farias
July 8, 2021

Yellow is a magnificent color. When translated to food this color is exceptionally high in antioxidants, which we've learned from our two previous colors featured in the rainbow, is great at protecting against cancer. Consuming just a cupful of yellow fruits or veggies a day has great health benefits.

Below are just a few things yellow foods can assist your body with:

  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy eyes
  • Reduce risk of cancer
  • Promote collagen
  • Balance PH levels

Below are the featured foods we recommend adding to meals in moderation. We think you'll be surprised with number 5.

1. Lemon -

In season: Year-round

Lemons are an incredibly versatile fruit to incorporate into meals. You can even put a few slices in your water bottle for the day to reap the benefits! Known for its metabolism boosting abilities. Lemons also have alkalizing and hydrating properties which keeps kidney stones at bay.

2. Banana -

In season: Year-round

A cheap and easy snack on-the-go, bananas are high in potassium and fiber which is great for gut health. Throw one in your smoothie or pair it with some nut butter for a hearty snack.

3.Pineapple -

In season: Peak March through July, available year-round

This sweet fruit is great for digestion and reducing inflammation. The chemical bromelain, found in high doses in pineapples' center stem, is the source of the anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain is often used for conditions like sinusitis and osteoarthritis for its calming effects on the body's immune response. 1

4. Ginger -

In season: Year-round

If there was one food that did it all, it would be ginger. Ginger fights germs, calms nausea, soothes sore muscles, eases arthritis symptoms, curbs cancer growth, lowers blood sugar, eases menstrual pain, relieves indigestion and more! 2

5. Dandelion -

In season: Blooms in Spring and Fall

"Dandelion is known for its medicinal benefits in aiding stomach health, keeping flatulence at bay, and promoting liver wellness." 3 As well as its awesome detoxifying properties in the digestive tract and liver. Dandelion may not be the prettiest food to consume but it definitely has tremendous benefits for the gut. It can be best consumed in a tea form.

6. Swiss Chard -

In season: May

Although its name may lead you to believe its grown in Switzerland, it actually origins from the Mediterranean. Abundant in vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. Small servings of swiss chard nearly covers your daily value of Vitamin A, C and K. 4 Packed with disease fighting antioxidants, this dark, leafy green is a powerhouse food worth incorporating into your weekly meals.

7. Turmeric -

In season: Year-round

Starting out as a root, turmeric is often consumed in its spice form. A staple in Indian dishes, turmeric contains a compound, curcumin, which is well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and medicinal properties. "However, curcumin is poorly absorbed into your bloodstream. In order to experience the full effects of curcumin, its bioavailability (the rate at which your body absorbs a substance) needs to improve. It helps to consume it with black pepper, which contains piperine. Piperine is a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%." 5

Yellow foods are bright in color and flavor! Enjoy at any meal with the versatile flavor palette that harnesses a load of nutritional value.  

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