Podcast - Connecting the Dots of Aging for a Healthy, Functional, Happy Life

LongevIQ Podcast
October 19, 2022

In this episode

In this episode, we’ll talk about various aspects of aging that are inextricably connected, which can not only affect our physical health but enrich our lives on all levels. Our guest in this episode is Dr. Kristine Burke, MD, a functional integrative medicine physician who combines a wide range of medical expertise to help people achieve a healthy, functional, and meaningful life as they age.

We all know that building a foundation for healthy aging may sound overwhelming at first. However, as we’ll discuss, even small habits can have a significant cumulative effect when maintained consistently. And for many people, it all starts with one small change.

Also in this episode:

  • Dr. Patti Shelton, MD, LongevIQ medical communications officer
  • Amir Ginsberg, LongevIQ founder.

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Main topics

  • (0:00:00) Podcast and episode intro, medical disclaimer
  • (0:01:29) What does healthy aging mean? healthspan vs. lifespan
  • (0:02:27) The pillars of healthy aging: an overview
  • (0:03:44) Building stress resilience
  • (0:05:15) Physical aging from the inside out
  • (0:07:55) Inflammation and aging
  • (0:10:21) Best exercise & movement for bone and muscle longevity
  • (0:13:13) Overtraining effect on aging: warning signs and practical tips
  • (0:17:51) Restorative movement for longevity
  • (0:19:48) The importance of maintaining good balance with aging
  • (0:24:59) Maintaining bone health and longevity
  • (0:29:12) Bone health, hormone balance, women vs. men
  • (0:30:25) How to protect the brain and cognitive function with aging
  • (0:32:30) Environmental toxins and cognitive function
  • (0:35:59) Eating for healthy aging
  • (0:38:24) Are supplements needed for healthy aging?
  • (0:41:41) Practical ways to challenge the brain
  • (0:44:18) The importance of social connections and healthy aging
  • (0:46:55) Connecting to your spiritual side: practical tips
  • (0:50:07) Detoxification, biotransformation & healthy aging
  • (0:56:06) Building a foundation for healthy aging: practical tip

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