Podcast - Building a Foundation for Optimal Healthy Brain Aging

LongevIQ Podcast
January 31, 2023

In this episode

In this episode, we’ll be talking about healthy brain aging. As we all know, maintaining our cognitive function is one of the most important factors for a long, healthy, happy life. But is it possible to keep our brains functioning well even into old age? And if so, what options do we have? Our guest in this episode is Dr. Kristine Burke, MD, a functional and precision medicine physician who’s an expert in brain health and longevity and maintaining cognitive function during the aging process.

Also in this episode:

  • Dr. Patti Shelton, MD, LongevIQ medical communications officer
  • Amir Ginsberg, LongevIQ founder.

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Main topics

  • (0:00:00) Podcast and episode intro, medical disclaimer
  • (0:01:52) What causes cognitive decline?
  • (0:04:22) Early warning signs of cognitive decline
  • (0:05:32) Tests for cognitive decline
  • (0:07:59) The 5 pillars of brain longevity and cognitive function (SEEDS)
  • (0:14:18) Getting optimal sleep for brain health and longevity
  • (0:16:20) Physical activities and movement
  • (0:19:07) Brain exercises and tips to challenge the brain
  • (0:21:37) Toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals
  • (0:25:58) Foods and supplements for brain health
  • (0:31:59) Mental, physical and chemical impact of stress
  • (0:34:34) When to get started with lifestyle modification?
  • (0:35:43) Reversing cognitive decline
  • (0:40:28) Loneliness, social connections, meaning, and purpose
  • (0:42:20) Meditation and brain health
  • (0:44:22) Dementia reversal trial
  • (0:48:30) Genetics testing
  • (0:52:25) Final thoughts

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