At Home Workout Ideas

Ysabelle Frank
August 29, 2022

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As it is commonly said, "Health is Wealth," and a core part of a healthy life is exercise. Exercise is used not just to improve the body's general metabolism but also to keep you fit . There are various forms of exercise, however, they can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Non-Cardiovascular exercises

Basically, cardiovascular exercises are those done to improve body strength and not endurance. They are also known as aerobic exercises because they increase the heart rate. Examples of cardiovascular exercise you can integrate into your home workout include brisk walking, stationary cycling, running, swimming, etc.

Non Cardiovascular exercises, on the other hand, are anaerobic exercises. This exercise is done in a short duration to exert high-intensity movement. It includes long-distance running, weight lifting, jumping, etc.

For a regular workout routine, while it is recommended to go to the gym, having a busy schedule may not permit you to visit. So creating and sticking to a feasible home workout routine might be the best way to burn out that unnecessary body fat or keep moderate body weight. If you are wondering if the exercises are worth it? Yes, it benefits you physically and mentally and is vital for good health and overall well-being.  

Exercise needs vary between individuals for several reasons, the main one being that not everyone has the same fitness goals.   If a person cannot exercise at the same intensity due to a disability or chronic health conditions, the goal is to be as active as possible.

Before you start any workout, you should map out your goal and the time spent on this regime. This would help to make each routine effective and result oriented. For a start, you can follow this regimen:

Warm Up

The goal behind the stage is to ensure that your primary muscles loosen up and you do not kick start your exercise in full force without preparing your body entirely. This can be done for about 5- 10 minutes, depending on your schedule. All activities in a warm-up should be low intensity.


This stage will involve you beginning your exercise in full gear after warming up with a light routine, like stretching. In this stage, you begin your main workout, like sprinting down the block and/or squats can be carried out.

Cool down

This stage is necessary because it will help the body to regain a regular heart rate. If you don't find it significant, ask yourself do you park your car in the garage after being on top of the highway bringing it to an abrupt stop, or do you slowly bring it to a lower speed before parking it in the garage. Even sprinters understand this analogy, which is why they jog a few meters after getting to the finish line of a race.

Now that you know more about the types of exercises there are, here are some beneficial exercises you can do at home daily:

Jump Rope

Jump rope exercises help strengthen the arm, abdomen, and calf muscles, whether aerobic or anaerobic is determined by the frequency and intensity of you jumping over rope.  

If you don't know to jump rope, follow these easy steps:

  • Grip the two handles of the rope on both ends
  • Relax your upper body  
  • Bend your knee slightly
  • Rotate your hands while the rope is in your hands by whipping it overhead
  • Jump to avoid the rope coming in contact with your leg or ankle


Squatting is simple but also an exercise effective in increasing your lower body strength. It also helps work out the thigh, shin, calf, hips, and abdomen. There are different variations of squatting. One of which includes the following steps:

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart  
  • Keep your hand outstretched and outward
  • Shift your hips and knees somewhat as though you are taking a seat.
  • Keep to this position till your knee is parallel to the ground
  • Push yourself into a starting position with an up and down sequence movement


This exercise helps work out multiple muscle groups like the triceps and biceps. Primarily, pushups and planks are necessary to build if building abs muscles is your workout goal. With push-ups, you can challenge yourself with the number of sets you do daily from beginners to advanced exercises. Don't know how to do a pushup, follow these instructions:

  • Get down on your four limbs till your body is 180° to the ground
  • Raise your knees and your toes should touch the ground
  • Straighten your shoulders  
  • Position your hands in line with your shoulders
  • Lower your chest till it nearly reaches the ground
  • Push yourself up only using your arms


Unlike others requiring no equipment, this exercise will require you to have a home-installed treadmill. A treadmill speed is adjustable and can be moderated based on your physical fitness level.

Though each exercise mentioned above is a beneficial way to improve your health, they are best done in combination to avoid a monotonous or boring workout. In general, 20 minutes can be your standard duration. Still, if you are starting out a 5-10 minute workout routine, it is not bad for a start.

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