6 Ways to Live Better (and Healthier) Without Going Over Budget

Dana Brown
December 8, 2022

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Healthy living can become expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many affordable ways to focus on wellness without going over your budget. Try these ideas from True Health for a healthier lifestyle without pricey strings attached.

Save Money with Better Health

Adopting healthier habits can have tremendous positive impacts on any conditions or diseases you have. Reducing the need for medical care is a big reason to make healthier choices, but there are other savings, too.

For example, walking or cycling instead of driving saves money on gas and car maintenance. Slimming down could help you fit into old clothes instead of buying new ones. Cutting out fast food and restaurants also saves money immediately.

Treat Underlying Issues (Not Symptoms)

Though treating symptoms of health conditions is crucial for coping, consider the underlying causes. Many symptoms that are “normal” may not be, and they could suggest deeper health problems.

For example, fatigue may keep you from reaching your exercise goals. Chronic tiredness could stem from various health issues. Without addressing the actual problem, the symptom will persist.

Shop for Healthier Bulk Staples

Buying in bulk is generally the most affordable way to shop, and purchasing ingredients is always healthier than opting for processed foods. Even healthy, high-nutrient foods are cheaper to purchase in large quantities.

Allrecipes recommends budget-friendly bulk pantry items like canned beans, brown rice, and canned meats like tuna and chicken. Creating simple meals with inexpensive ingredients can save on your grocery bill while helping you reach your health goals.  

Learn to Manage (and Mitigate) Stress

Living a healthier life goes beyond diet and exercise. Stress can negatively impact your health and make your goals harder to achieve. It might be a factor in daily life, but there are ways to mitigate stress.

Acknowledging the physical and mental effects of stress is the first step in managing it. Learning ways to cope comes next, though it looks different for everyone.  

For example, some people manage stress by meditating or doing yoga—both free and healthy activities. Making time for hobbies or time with friends is another budget-friendly way to de-stress. Also, try avoiding alcohol and stimulants to save money and reduce anxiety.

Test Free Apps for Health

A gym membership or personal training can be expensive, as can gourmet health food meals. Plenty of free apps offer ways to improve your health without spending extra money. Whether you need guided meditations, calorie counters, or recipe ideas, there’s a free app to help.

From looking up nutrition information to water tracking to meal planning and more, there is a free health and wellness app out there to meet your needs. However, read the fine print carefully; in-app purchases could cost you.

Monetize Your Health Successes

After reaching your on-budget health goals, you’ll likely feel highly accomplished. Harnessing that positive feeling in a business venture can keep you on track and earn money while helping others.

Monetizing a healthy lifestyle is possible in many formats and channels, explains Search Engine Journal. For example, you could share healthy recipes and monetize a blog. Or, you could create fitness workouts to sell via social media or an app.  

Whatever business model you choose, consider forming an LLC for your business. Formalizing your business offers tax advantages and limits your liability. But not every part of monetizing your health achievements involves paperwork.

Engaging with your customers on social media, for example, can be fun and lead to sales. An easy way to connect is with visual content like memes. To create custom graphics, try this free meme generator; customize the text and background to suit your audience.

Shifting into a healthier lifestyle can feel intimidating at first. Knowing you can live healthily without spending more—and even saving—money makes it easier. With these ideas, you can build a health empire and healthy savings if you put in the time and effort.

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