5 Astounding Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle for your Health

Jade Piper
December 28, 2022

Pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle can be challenging, but it’s, without a doubt, rewarding. Aside from knowing that you are making an effort not to cause further harm to the environment, being kinder to our planet also comes with astounding benefits for you and your loved one’s overall health. So, if you’ve always wondered what’s in it for you, here are some excellent examples of incredible health advantages you can experience when you go green.

1. Better Respiratory Health 

Planting trees, not burning garbage, not smoking cigarettes, fixing your car, driving it less, or switching to electric all play a role in minimizing rampant air pollution, especially in cities. But aside from that, they also reduce your risk of asthma and allergy attacks, respiratory ailments, and even lung cancer.

2. Lower Risk of Obesity 

Following a holistic, eco-friendly lifestyle also includes avoiding processed, junk, and fast foods as much as possible and eating a healthy organic diet filled with nourishing and nutritious options. As a result, you consume less harmful chemical additives and refined sugars, the biggest culprit behind obesity.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health 

In an effort to lower your carbon footprint, you probably ride a bike, walk, run to work or do errands instead of driving your car. It’s an effective strategy to overcome a sedentary lifestyle, increase mobility, and, when done regularly, enhance cardiovascular health.

4. Eases Anxiety and Stress 

Surrounding yourself with plants, flowers, and trees; being mindful and finding a meaningful purpose in life; lessening exposure to toxic and potentially toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances can lower your stress levels and improve your emotional health while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Reduced Risks of Cancer

Adhering to an eco-friendly lifestyle means constantly choosing greener alternatives in all aspects of life. For example, making homemade eco-friendly cleaning products instead of buying chemical-based ones from the grocery. One of the biggest benefits of doing this would be lowering your exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contain formaldehyde and benzene, known to be carcinogenic.

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